STONE DEAF Pedals with HP42

I got flagged down by the guys over at Stone Deaf Pedals while I was at Thomann Gearhead University a few weeks back and they asked me to check out a few of their pedals!

What caught my eye was their EP-1 controller pedal. So I said, why not? Let’s give their pedals a try!

If you don’t know who the bald German guy is- that’s my good friend, Henning. He has a YouTube show called “EytschPi42” where he does a ton of studio related videos including gear reviews! Do yourself a favor and head over there now! 

Anyway, today we’re checking out the Warp Drive, Fig Fumb and the EP-1.

Watch us demo these pedals and argue over the difference between “Wah pedals” and phasers.

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