Today we’re talking with the talented Sarah Longfield! We met up a few weeks back at Gearhead University and had a chance to check out a couple Strandberg Guitars and talk about Sarah’s unique playing style and sound!

She calls her technique “tapping” but she plays the guitar more like a piano. Her technique comes from the inability to play what her favorite guitar players were playing when she was starting out. Playing in her own style was the easiest way to be able to play what she was trying to play!

These guitars are great! You can play them comfortably all day long and they won’t hurt you. They’re ergonomically designed for the human hand!

Make sure you check out Sarah’s Channel here:

She’s also in a band called… you guessed it “Sarah Longfield.” The reason that the band is her name is because it’s recognizable. Make sure you check them out as well here: Sarah Longfield Band