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Welcome to another episode of stupid musicians texts. The show where we pull back the shroud that conceals the inner workings of the music industry and take a look at the festering idiocy that lies within.

This is a good comment… How many times have I mentioned cupping the mic? We all know it sounds like shit. We’ve even done cupping vs. not cupping videos that explain WHY it sounds so bad. Hell, I even have a shirt in the shop that says “Stop Cupping The Mic Dumbass!

Yet, I still get comments and messages like this “If you legitimately complain about how vocalists hold the mic (or “cup” the mic) you have no actual idea what you’re talking about.”

But seriously, if you guys still don’t believe me, watch until the end of the video to see what someone from SHURE has to say about cupping the mic. 

Do you have stupid musician texts or messages that you’d like to submit to the show? Send them to me as a direct message on the Spectre Media Group Facebook Page!

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