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the t.bone DC 4000

You’ve been asking me about the T-Bone stuff for a while, T-Bone is Thoman’s brand and today I have the T-Bone DC 4000 Drum mic kit.

The DC 4000 Drum mic kit comes with 7 mics, a BD 25 for the Kick, 4 CD 56’s for toms and snare, and two EM 81’s for overheads, they also all come in a single flight case.

Now, these do look a little like Shure microphones.

The T-Bone Drum mic kit is listed for $268 USD Shipping to the US is $50 but Thoman gives you a 50lb weight limit, so you can add in a couple of those MB 75’s and maybe even a Harley Benton G212V for no extra cost to ship.

I had Cam in the studio with me to test out the mic kit, we did a little demo, and we’re going to listen to it on its own and in a mix. I gotta say I’m pretty impressed with these, especially the kick and tom mic. The overheads are surprisingly very good and hold up in the mix decently as well.

On the snare I would go with the T-Bone MB 75, that would probably be my choice over the supplied mic but for an extra $30 it’s probably not going to break the bank. As we showed in the shootout video with the MB 75 and the SM 57, there’s really not that big of a difference.
Honestly, I wound up liking the T-Bone a little more on the snare in that particular video.

Watch TBone MB75 vs SM57 Revealed

Anyway, for $268 USD its really hard to beat it as an entry level kit, if you want to get into learning how to record live drums and build up your skills, this is probably the first place I’d look.

We’re going to be giving away this kit on an upcoming giveaway show so make sure you’re subscribed and hit that notification bell on my youtube channel.

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TBone MB75: http://bit.ly/2PHfVlH
Shure SM57: http://bit.ly/2PHggEZ
Harley Benton G212V: http://bit.ly/2MGRSps