Total Heavy Guitar

After two years in development, TOTAL HEAVY GUITAR is finally available for purchase! It's the most comprehensive lesson on the subject of recording metal guitars out there! This is NOT a lesson on tweaking amp sims... this will teach you to master the art of miking a live amp and cabinet. bans the P-Melter!!

The Fun Police are at it again!   This time the Listings and Standards team has worked tirelessly to apply community guidelines fairly across their site!  Hang on a second, that's exactly what DIDN'T happen! This video has been made possible by my awesome Patrons!   Help keep SMG fun

The SMG Proto-Drive!

Checking out my brand new signature overdrive, the SMG Proto-Drive!  Featuring three separate clipping modes, plus interactive tone shaping controls, the Proto-Drive is truly the "Swiss Army Knife" of overdrive pedals! Get it at: