The Band wants to re-record for Free???

Episode sponsored by Distrokid It's FRIDAY! You know what that means a new Viewer's Comments Episode! The show where I answer some of the questions you ask in the Youtube comments! Chris Schmid Comments: "How do you deal with a band that liked their mix last week, but has since decided that pretty well everything


Episode sponsored by DistrokidWelcome to Stupid Musician Texts; the show where we peel back the autotune and computer enhancement to look at what’s really going on in the music business. The common theme on this show is that musicians are cheap bastards! We all know it and these text messages merely verify it.In


Episode sponsored by Distrokid Welcome to another episode of stupid musicians texts. The show where we pull back the shroud that conceals the inner workings of the music industry and take a look at the festering idiocy that lies within. I was in Germany with a bunch of YouTubers and I thought