TBone MB75


Shure SM57


Harley Benton G212V

Last week we did a shoot-out between a $30 USD TBone MB75 and a $99 USD Shure SM57.

I ran a couple of test clips and asked you guys what you thought. Which is the SM57, and what one is the TBone?

I was very surprised by the results we got.

Watch TBone MB75 vs SM57 Revealed

Now what really surprised me about this whole thing was how many of the comments picked the A mic as the SM57.

I want to point out though that you can get three TBone MB75’s for the price of one SM57.

This comes in handy for a couple different applications
• If you want to experiment with the Fredman technique you can grab an SM57 and one TBone for an extra $30 and you’re in business.
• If you’re doing live sound, I’ve been to enough gigs to know gear seems to grow feet and disappear, never to be seen again. Losing a TBone will definitely hurt less being able to buy three for the price of one SM57.

So if you like the TBone grab yourself one, Thomann ships to the US Fairly cheap and gives you a 30kg limit, you really have nothing to lose, other then 30 bucks.

TBone MB75: http://bit.ly/2PHfVlH
Shure SM57: http://bit.ly/2PHggEZ
Harley Benton G212V: http://bit.ly/2MGRSps