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If you’re new to the channel/website, this is my weekly roundup of viewer comments & questions! Leave a comment, you just might wind up on the show!

Totally Awesome writes:
“gets demonetize for saying fuck… gets top 10 trending for posting a video laughing at a dead body (wait… is this comment gonna be demonetized? is that our YouTube works???”

He did wind up getting demonetized altogether. I think you’re referencing Logan Paul. That’s the kind of thing I’ve really had to watch my language as of late! But hey, I can swear on my website as much as I want! Fuck!

Here’s the thing I don’t swear that much, but I think YouTube, when it does automatic translation for closed captions, it looks for “Dirty Words” and goes ahead and demonetizes the video. At which point I have to start an appeal process, while doing this, I lose income. So anyway, I am very sparing with my “fucks” as of late and that really sucks! And we should really write a song about that!

Thank you youtube for supporting free speech, you guys rock!

There are tons of great questions this week. Watch the video above to hear all of them! And hey, maybe yours even made it into the video!

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