Can a cheap mic sound good? Let’s put it to the test!

I have something really special today on this episode of “Fearless Gear Reviews!” A brand new microphone I found on Amazon for a whole $14.49. Is it any good?

This is the mic I’m talking about: SF-920 Mic 

First of all, I’m really blown away by the weight of this mic; it weighs almost nothing! There’s very good chance it could be knocked over in a strong wind.

The whole point of this review it to see what kind of microphone we’re going to get for this kind of money! If you remember, I did a review of one of those $30 condensers a couple of years ago and used the mic backwards! This time, I have no excuse because this mic has a nice volume knob on the front, at least I think that’s the front!

In the video above I test this mic out using the same exact chain as I do for my show.

The mic I compare it to at the end of the Video is the Lewitt LCT 440 Pure, which you can see here: