Fretish has taken the concept of Airbnb and applied it to music gear! They got started in Boston last year, and it’s really starting to take off.

Basically, you can rent gear, or rent out your gear.

If you’ve got a couple of guitars you’re not using and want to make some extra cash by renting them out, or want to try out a killer tube amp before dropping thousands on it, Frestish has got you covered.

You can also rent/rent out pro audio gear as well! This is a major benefit to people with limited budgets who want to use some killer gear and can’t purchase it at the moment.

To show you that I’m serious about this, I’ve put up some of my own gear on Frestish for rent! What’s great is that I can set my daily rental rate as I see fit. They take an 11% processing fee when a transaction is made. If I need a piece of gear for a certain date, I can block out days where that item isn’t available for rent!

It’s absolutely free to join. The whole community is based on respect and honesty- so if you’re cool with those principles then Fretish is definitely something you should check out!

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