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You know what that means a new Viewer’s Comments Episode!

The show where I answer some of the questions you ask in the Youtube comments!

Chris Schmid Comments: “How do you deal with a band that liked their mix last week, but has since decided that pretty well everything is wrong, to the point where they want to re-track several guitars, but still want it done by their deadline (about 2 weeks from now)?
Side notes : I work full time, have other hobbies, and am doing this for free because they’re friends of mine.”

Chris those are not your friends! If they want to re-track everything by their deadline, start charging them $55 an hour. It will be amazing how fast their attitude changes, and suddenly everything will be perfectly fine. I’m not making this up do it, watch what happens, it’s going to be great. Tell those fuckers to hit the road, seriously, re-track the guitars, are they out of their fucking minds! Your giving up your time for free but obviously that means nothing to them. In all seriousness, tell them either they can pay you by the hour or they can hit the road, cause seriously fuck those guys.

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