Welcome to another episode of Viewer’s Comments, where I answer YOUR questions to the best of my ability.

Owen asks:
What do you think of the TC Electronics controversy over Satchel’s “pussy melter” toneprint?

Seriously. If anyone got offended by that, go look up the definition of satire and then hang your heads in shame. It is meant to poke fun at that whole hedonistic lifestyle.

I checked out the band that made the complaint and the initial petition to Tc Electronic, and it looks like someone is getting something “melted” of her very own in her video… good thing she’s not a hypocrite or anything.

Here’s a link to the video I’m talking about, but honestly these guys are worse than the Sex Kittens.

I guess when your band doesn’t write songs good enough to check out, it’s far easier to sit around and bitch to get some publicity.

V’yell commented:
“It’s far easier to sit around and bitch.” I fuckin’ NEED that on a shirt.

Well, V’yell! You asked for it, so here you go! This week only, you can get the “It’s FAR EASIER to sit around and BITCH” T-Shirt and poster from the shop!


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