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It’s Friday! That means it’s time for SMG Viewer’s Comments; my weekly show where I try to answer your comments and questions to the best of my ability!

Brysom Boggs Comments: “Hey Glenn I am in a band. Where the lead guitarist wants. To use. The bare minimum for amp selection meaning he likes. Shitty solid state amps and sims instead of good. Sounding gear. Whys this? He has. Been talking of getting something line 6…. Myself using an orange. Rocker verb, I just can’t see it mixing well. What’s your opinion on amps that complement each other and the orange Rockerverb?? I love mine. You’re badass! Cheers.”

Well, if you’re just playing local gigs to other bands and their girlfriends, don’t fucking worry about it too much! It’s not going to make a difference anyway and nobody is going to give a fuck.

Will it sound better? Sure and I’m sure the other three people in the audience aren’t really going to care about that. If you guys are starting to headline clubs, OK that might be an issue. If you’re going into the studio then it’s definitely an issue. In the meantime don’t worry about it so much.

As for the Orange stuff, I got to hang out with Charlie Cooper and Cliff and the whole Orange gang last spring! Great bunch of guys, and great amps! I’ve got a Brent Hinds Terror that I’ve got to get some maintenance done on-  I’m going to be giving it away at some point. The Orange stuff is killer! Love their stuff.