Today we’re taking a look at the Hughes & Kettner Tubemeister Deluxe 20. It’s a 20 watt micro tube head with all kinds of options and even comes with a super cool gig bag. The problem is- I’ve had it for several months and it’s absolutely baffled me on how to get it to sound good for metal!

I’ve tried several times to get skull crushing tones out of it and up until recently I was completely unable to achieve that.

I was convinced that this was a pure rock-and-roll amp and simply couldn’t deliver the goods when it came to metal tones- which is puzzling because Hughes & Kettner has a reputation for some great metal tones!

I was messing around the other day and plugged in a fuzz pedal and it sounded pretty killer! I got a real surprise when I unplugged the pedal and went straight into the amp again suddenly the amp woke up! I was finally able to get some metal out of it!

Here’s an earlier piece I did with Christian Vegh for another demo and I’ve reamped it through the Tubemeister Deluxe 20.