If you’re a fan of the show, you’ve definitely seen and heard a Revv amp. I love these things! They sound great!

Today we have something very special. The Revv Generator 100 Purple Edition. It’s the 100 watt version of the Generator 120 except this is 2 channels, instead of 4. On the original 120 you had clean, crunch, plus 2 high gain channels; purple and red. Revv has released a 100 watt version featuring the red channel a couple of years ago but the biggest request has been a 100 watt version featuring the purple channel. That’s likely the most popular channel for metal!

There’s something very special about the purple channel and now it’s finally available in the 100 watt for a lower price than the full blown 120.

The front panel is the usual Revv layout. You’ve got channel switches, EQ’s, master volume and presence and depth controls. Clean and crunch are on one channel and channel 2 has the 3 aggression modes. Fat and bright switch, plus a mid range contour switch. The amp is also switchable between 10 – 100 watts making it great for your apartment or the stage.

The amp body has been redesigned with more tolex and less plexiglass, plus, there’s a new logo!

Let’s get to the part that you clicked on this link for. THE SOUND.

The Purple Monstrosity: Revv Generator 100P

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