It’s time for some Frickin’ News!

Last July reporters from the CBC and Toronto Star went undercover to ticket summit 2018.

CBC: “Company representatives told them Ticketmaster’s resale division turns a blind eye to scalpers who use ticket buying bots and fake identities to snatch up tickets and then resell them on the site for inflated prices. Those pricey resale tickets include extra fees for Ticketmaster.”

How the hell is a ticket monopoly allowed to exist in today’s so called free market?

The choice is ultimately up to you,

Will you choose to be a victim pay above the face value for a ticket and be gouged or will you come to your senses and realize that paying scalper rates just simply isn’t worth it.

The more people that stand up and say no, FUCK YOU to the scalpers mean that these scum lords go out of business.

That can’t happen soon enough.

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