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striker fullforce asks:
Hey Glenn, have you ever had to work with a shy or nervous singer/musician?

me and a friend of mine want to start a band and she is an amazingly talented singer! But every time I try to get together with her to work on some songs, she’s either working, sick, has family stuff, too busy, etc etc. I’ve talked to her about this and she has told me how she’s nervous about going into music (despite her loving it) because she feels like she isn’t good enough. I’ve tried reassuring her she is very talented and shouldn’t have anything to fear, but I still can’t seem to get her to budge. Do you have any advice on how I can hep her work on her confidence? Or should I try looking somewhere else?

Tell her to approach it like this… When she sings, she can’t be herself. She has to step into a character. That’s what’s worked for Alice Cooper. That’s how Steve Vai found his voice to sing on Fire Garden. They have to invent a different version of themselves. It’s like walking on stage, you just can’t be you. You might to be the person who’s outgoing, who’s an extrovert, who’s going to challenge the world and take it on! She has to find her voice and it sounds like she’s been “beat down” a lot in her life! So she has to find a different version of herself. That might work! Good luck! I hope it goes well!