There are hundreds of of “top studio tools” videos and posts online. They all usually consist of making sure that you have “at least one good mic” or a “DAW” or “monitors.” These are the obvious tools that everyone should have anyways.

What I’m talking about are tools that, throughout 20 years of running a studio, I’ve found essential. These are the studio tools that no one talks about. What would you do if a guitar player brought in a guitar with its internal wires TAPED together? Would you be able to fix this issue quickly and move on to recording some potentially life changing music?

Look – these might seem obvious, but when you’re reaching for a tool that you don’t have and end up wasting hours of a session (and lots of money) you’ll be happy that you watched this video and got your hands some of these items!

I’ve included a bonus “tool” at the end of this video that they don’t tell you about in recording school. Musicians are pigs. If you’re thinking of letting them stay in the studio or at your house, don’t. Make the bastards get a hotel room.

Here are the top 10 tools you’ll need to keep the studio running when the shit hits the fan!

Top 10 ESSENTIAL Studio Tools

Top 10 ESSENTIAL Studio Tools

10. Guitar Multitool

Guitar Multitool

9. Magnetic Parts Tray

Magnetic Parts Tray

8. Soldering Iron

Soldering Iron

7. Duct Tape

6. TC Electronic Tuner

5. String Winder/Cutters

String Winder:Cutters

4. Drill bit winder

3. Hum Eliminator

Hum Eliminator

2. Headphone Adapters

Headphone Adapters

1. Flashlight

acoustic drums for metal recording manual

If you’re a drummer, you’re going to find this guide offensive. It never ceases to amaze me how easily big, tough heavy metal drummers get offended….

“What comes out the speakers matters more than your feelings, creampuff!”