Today we’re taking a look at a few packages that were recently delivered to the studio!

The ID 44 Interface is a freaking awesome desktop unit with so many great features that we’re going to explore more in the review.

If you’re looking for an outstanding starter unit, Audient has absolutely outstanding stuff. – I’ll have a full review of the ID 44 for you in the near future.

I’ve already reviewed the ASP 800 mic preamp, which you can watch here

The really cool thing is I’m going to be giving away this production set – Basically a nerf centre for your home studio. Courtesy of myself and Audient.

To keep up to date as to when you can enter to win this package I highly recommend sign up for my newsletter. We’re going to be giving all of this stuff away in future videos! We’re going to be taking a look at the ID4 and ID14!

The ID4 is a Nano desktop unit, I would personally use this as a field recorder, a cool great sounding little unit.

The ID14 Limited edition (only 20 in the world) and one of you are going to win it!

Keep an eye out for these reviews/giveaways in the next couple of weeks!