This episode of Spectre Sound Studios is brought to you by Positive Grid.

Today is the first day of NAMM 2018 and we’re gonna take a look at the new Bias Amp 2 – from Positive Grid.

Now if you’ve watched the show for any length of time you know I’ve done a lot of work with positive grid: Bias Amp, Bias Effects, and the history of distortion featuring Bias Pedal.

So when Positive Grid asked if I’d be interested in looking at Bias 2 – of course I was like “hell yeah!” I think they offer a tremendous value for money with the software’s capability!

I’ve been playing with the beta for the last week or so and there is a ton of new stuff!

First off they’ve got an updated interface and it just plain looks better. There’s updated tube choices in the preamp and power amp sections with a heavy emphasis on clean players.

You now get the choice of five different preamp tubes and six power amp tubes, which really lets you tweak out your tone.

There’s also an updated transformer section featuring the dynamic touch control that emulates how the power supply affects the upper mid-range and a new amp match feature which lets you tune use not only a real amp but a solo’d guitar track file as well. You can simply load it in and get the tone.

But what really got my attention was the whole new IR loader section there are 30 new impulses from Celestion featuring all of their best speaker designs in 1×12, 2×12 and 4×12 cabinet configurations with a switchable open and closed back.

Watch the video above to hear a demo of the Bias 2!

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