Hanging out with Anthony Kuzub from Ward Beck Systems in Toronto, Ontario. I’ve known Anthony since 2001 – 2002!

Ward Beck is a legendary builder of broadcast consoles, and I’ve had one of their smaller ones since 2001.

Nobody’s actually seen my Ward Beck stuff on the show because it’s actually been sitting down in a closet. Ward Beck is kind of Canada’s best kept secrets when it comes to audio gear. They build super high-end broadcast stuff!

Anthony: Very much so! Well I’d like to say that the broadcast industry is a byproduct of the telephone industry and the recording industry is a byproduct of the broadcast industry so a lot of stuff trickles down from the broadcast industry.

Glenn: Yeah, like the original compressors were all for broadcast.

Anthony: Well music studios couldn’t afford Neves so the broadcaster’s had them and then they slowly made their way out of the hands of the broadcaster’s and into musicians hands. Same with the Ward Beck stuff like we made thousands of consoles and now they’re into the hands of musicians.”

Watch the rest of the interview above! We look at the history, the gear rebuilds, and the future of digital audio.


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