How’s it going? As you can probably tell, I’ve been away at NAMM for a little over a week or so and just arrived home yesterday. I had a great time at NAMM and it was great meeting those of you who were able to attend!

While I was away we were able to film a Viewer’s Comments episode from the road just outside of Barstow California! I haven’t been able to do one of these from the car in a while because it’s freezing cold in Canada and there’s no daylight! We’re about an hour and a half away from Anaheim, where NAMM is held, in the middle of the California desert! – The perfect place to film an episode of Viewer’s Comments!

Saarang Narayan asks:
Thanks for the shoutout for us Indian fans, Glenn! Gear isn’t easy to come by here and it costs a ton if you’re an indie/home-based producer and/or engineer. Your videos have been of great hep to people in countries like ours, by showing us how to make the most of the gear we get here, and also what kind of gear to realistically invest in (through your fearless gear reviews). Cheers, and hope you go full time soon!

Thanks very much I’m glad to hear you guys are getting some use out of that! I’ve been saying this the last few weeks- if you can’t afford the super expensive recording gear, don’t worry, because that’s not what’s gonna make a great record! It’s knowing where to put the mics, how to set up the amps, and how to get the best performances out of people! That’s far more important than spending you know $2,000 or $3,000 per preamp! Especially if we’re doing metal!

If you’re doing Celine Dion, that’s one thing… but we’re doing metal! We don’t need the absolute pristine clean signal chains! What’s available even at a relatively inexpensive level is far superior to what we had in the ’70s and the ’80s!

What we’ve got now on your your low-end Behringer’s and Mackie’s are at least 10 times better than what we had back then!

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