This episode of Viewer’s Comments is brought to you by Sound Addicted!

Welcome to another episode of Viewer’s Comments! We’re up to episode #162! I can’t believe we’ve gone this far! Keep those comments and questions coming!

BlendedKittens Asks:
Why would someone get annoyed at a gear review? Guess to defend their purchases? Makes no sense to me.

This is referencing back to that whole “Marlon Brando” incident a few weeks back where some kid lost his mind because I dared give the Spider V a bad review. He said he was going to knock my teeth out!

So I looked into it and found an article on Post Product Rationalization.

What I think might have happened here was a case where a kid might have worked hard or might have gotten it a gift or something- and he’s read a lot of ads, they all say that the Spider is great! And then along comes this long haired loud mouth who says this thing’s a fucking piece of shit!

So instead of listening to my argument rationally, he hears my opinion and sees rage because I dared challenge his opinion. And nobody in his life has ever done that before because he’s used to getting participation trophies.

Here’s the thing kids! We’re allowed to disagree with each other and we can be civil about it! If someone doesn’t share the same opinion as you… TALK! Don’t yell. Don’t name call. Don’t scream. And don’t threaten. Just talk! We always wind up learning more from each other that way.

I think the Spider V is a piece of shit. You might think my opinion is full of shit. It doesn’t fucking matter! It just so happens that a lot of people share my opinion that the Spider V could be a lot better!

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again. If you’re going to go with Line 6, go with a Helix, because they’re actually really good.

This episode of Viewer’s Comments is brought to you by Sound Addicted

If you watch my mix review live streams, you’ll notice the first thing that I ask when mixes need work is “What’s your monitoring situation?”

Well, Sound Addicted makes speaker pads that will improve your playback by isolating your monitors from what they’re sitting on. This makes sure that any vibrations that the monitor cabinets makes won’t be transferred onto your desk or speaker stands and you’ll get the sound of your mixes- NOT annoying buzzes. The pads can handle 36 lbs each before deforming and they have a removable section so you can angle them.

I’m using the Sound Addicted speaker pads to support my new monitors and they do a fabulous job!