Your boss is bribing you to join his band?

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Welcome back to another episode of Viewer’s Comments! Viewer’s Comments is my weekly show where I answer your questions to the best of my ability!

We always get a ton of great comments and this week is no exception! 

My name is Tom Araya comments:
My boss wants me to join his band, should I join? He said he’d give me a raise, but he is a dickhead.

Well, I can tell you your boss is a dickhead. If he is offering you more money to play in his personal band. I think that’s breaking more than just a few labor laws. Do yourself a favor, get yourself a little voice recorder and make sure to get that shit on tape when he tries to recruit you next time. I guarantee you have a lawsuit on your hand’s pal.

The big ham comments:
Is 16 too late to start recording? I’m starting to think seriously about recording but I fear I didn’t jump on it soon enough, having only played around with reaper for a few months and played guitar for a year.

Are you fucking joking? Your 16 you have your whole life ahead of you! Dude, I didn’t open my studio till I was 27. Ya get to it, you’re never too old to pick up a new skill.

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