Your MIX SOUNDS AWESOME! ..until you compare it to others!

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Let’s jump right in!

Tom asks:
Do you ever get your mixing sounding absolutely killer and on part with your main reference track, then make the mistake of comparing it to more songs from different bands and then your heart sinks when it’s not quite loud or bright enough?

I have a bad habit of doing this and one minute I’ll be really happy and mega motivated, and then the next I’ll just be beating myself up and doing panic remixes which more often than not ruin the songs. I know I shouldn’t do it because the mixes sound great ton their now, but I do and sometimes I get so down about it that I want to chuck it all in.

Tom! I am right there with you buddy! I don’t now how many times I’ve done that. I’ll take a look at my mixes, do something new and think “this is awesome!” – then I go and listen to another band and realize “crap.” The old crushing self doubt thing.

Here’s the thing, if it sounds good, it is good. Does it sound as good as a band you’re competing with? Maybe, maybe not!

Keep soldiering on! Going through things like this is what makes you a better mix engineer! Good luck dude! Don’t let things like this get you down!

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