I want to start off by apologizing to everyone who has hit the subscribe button over the last 4 years.

You guys are absolutely incredible. Thank you so much for your support. YouTube in its infinite wisdom has decided to make things just a little more difficult for you to get the videos from the channels you’ve subscribed to. Hitting the subscribe button is no longer enough… Now you have to go to “Options” and tell them if you want all of the videos, some of the videos or none of the videos.

Thanks YouTube! Thanks for make it so easy for people who want to watch the videos we make to get them!

This week we’ve got the Ultimate Rock Mixing Bundle on sale for 70% OFF. There are 10 lessons from Grammy award winners like Cameron Webb and Ulrich Wild as well as lessons from Warren Huart and a couple from myself. This bundle includes a track from Galaktikon, which is done by Brendon Small- you know him from doing the Dethklok stuff. There’s just so much cool stuff in this bundle!

If you’ve ever wanted to learn from the absolute best in the industry, get your hands on the Ultimate Rock Mixing Bundle.

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