Guitar Tutorials

How To Record Heavy Guitar

A step by step tutorial on how to record heavy metal guitar. Everything you need to know from equipment, to mic placement, to evaluating each speaker on a 4X12. If you want to mic up a real amp, start here!

Part two of my series on recording heavy guitar. By request! How to dial in your amp for recording.
A simple, easy to follow how-to guide that can be applied to any guitar amp, tube based, or solid state.

Exploring the “Fredman Technqiue” of miking a guitar cabinet. If you’re looking to add a new dimension to your tone, have a look at this, it’ll open up a whole new way of recording metal guitar to you!

Part FOUR of the “How to Record Heavy Guitar” series! Taking a look at the finer points of Mic Placement & just how critical it is to achieving a great guitar sound!

In today’s episode on Spectre Sound Studios I’ll be showing you how I reamp guitar.. a technique I use in my normal studio day to day.

The Greatest METAL GUITAR recording trick I ever learned

Spent a few days in LA & learned from the best when it comes to recording metal guitar tones. If you record metal guitar, you REALLY want to pay attention here! 🙂

METAL GUITAR- Dual Mics and Clayman Tone

Following up your questions about the dual mic technique I demonstrated last week! Keep those questions coming!

The Guitar Player's Home Recording Checklist

If you’re new to recoding, this is a great list to go over every time you record guitar. It can save you a lot of grief!

The $1500 Recording Studio Challenge

We took a budget of $1500 and recorded a full band, with live drums! Here’s what we got! Take a listen, and let me know what you think!

Many of you guys have been asking about what I think of FREE amp sims & if they’re capable of delivering the goods. Take a listen & hear for yourself! I’ve also included a tutorial on how & build a tone with these free (and one paid) tool. Enjoy!